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'Rosary & Cannolis' Gets Attention of The Good Newsroom, Rival

Much as five barley loaves and two fishes biblically fed a crowd of 5,000, so too has brimming boxes of cannolis and an invitation to prayer helped satiate the souls of nearly 1,000 students between Iona Preparatory's Lower and Upper Schools. The initiative known as Rosary & Cannolis has students "popping out" eight times a year for faith and fellowship. Most recently, it has caught the attention of the New York Archdiocese's The Good Newsroom, and inspired a fellow Catholic school on Staten Island to offer a friendly challenge.

Once a month, School Chaplain the Rev. Justin Cinnante, O.Carm, leads the Gaels in praying the Rosary after school. Immediately following, the Fratelli d'italia cultural affinity group, behind the generous support of Iona Prep families and a local bakery, offers up a sweat treat to those who humble themselves in prayer. Just as the loaves and fishes miraculously fed thousands, so too, has Our Lady of Perpetual Help Chapel at the Upper School swelled to accommodate the afterschool crowds of hundreds. On March 22, it was kneeling room only as Father Justin led students through the Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious and Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary. At the most recent prayer gathering, Ms. Mary Shovlain of The Good Newsroom joined in and shared the faith and food combination with the rest of the New York Archdiocese:

The word spread to Staten Island, where the chaplain and students of Monsignor Farrell High School have apparently challenged Iona Prep as to which school can get the most students to attend a Rosary & Cannolis before the year is out. With two more dates left on the calendar, April 26 and May 10, Father Justin is already brainstorming ways to grow the prayer session even more. Be sure to follow @IonaPrepCM on Instagram and then "pop out" to a future date!